Bedding - Three groups of Single size - pattern: Brown with squares

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  • Material:100% Polyester

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Greenyour life - Jey Hingchoose the best product of environmental protection, goodfor body health foryou from Made in Taiwan


Name of ProductBedding - Three groups of Single size: Brown with squares


Material : Superfine Fibre 100 %

Weight : 2.33 kg +-0.5kg


Pillow case *2            Size: 45cm x 75cm +-3cm

Bed package *1         Size: 105cm x 186cm +-3cm

**PASS Free Formaldehyde Content


< Product introduce >

CHINGSUNG negative ion bedding are made from the fiber which called “Superfine fiber”,making them nicely soft, ventilated, comfortable and durable. By our unique and professional technologies, make the ion mines,which are taken from the mountains of Canada,through the high temperature of 1200 degrees to filter impurities for purpose,then combined with fiber eventually. Providing full of negative ion energy which are guaranteed not only in 800 ions/c.c above but also effective period of 5 years at least. We adhere our bedding is made in Taiwan and in produced by a number of international certification. Let consumers buy at ease, use at ease.


< Brand introduce >

CHINGSUNG Bedding was founded in 2017 as the first"negative ion" element in Taiwan. We combine the exclusive technologies with bedding to create a natural high content negative ion bedding. People spend almost a third of the time during the day on sleeping,therefore, we believe that enough and good quality of sleep can certainly helpf or our health. Due to this concept, We endeavor to promote the high content of ion bedding for our mission.


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